Mother Nature’s Plan…

…leads to a rather lazy day.  It rained and thundered at 4 am.  Then again at 9 am.  Mowing a wet lawn is difficult.  So that did not happen today.  Nor did going to a park for a picnic lunch.  And I didn’t have to water the gardens.  M’Lord, who surfaced around 10 am, slept right through both thunderstorms.  He walked into the living room prepared to go out to mow.  Instead he ended up reading the paper on the couch.  We needed a good rain, but it did mess with what was supposed to happen today.

What did happen was the baking of chocolate chip cookies.  I use TJ’s chocolate chips and the recipe on the back with two changes.  I add 1/4 cup of flour and leave out one egg white.  These changes are based on past advice from my Mom for the flour, and America’s Test Kitchen for the egg white and seem to make for a more chewy cookie that spreads less, which make them irresistible to M’Lord.  The Cub knows that he can have a treat after lunch, so, at 10 am when the cookies were cooling on the counter, he asked if he could have one for a treat after lunch.  Not as a snack now, but as a treat after lunch – two hours later.  Good kid.  The cookie jars and freezer have been restocked with this and the double chocolate batch that I made on Friday.  Maybe oatmeal PB cookies next.  The Cub likes those.

Yes.  I have multiple cookie jars, much to M’Lord’s chagrin.  Each has a different cookie in it since putting different cookies in one jar causes them all to absorb the other cookie flavors and taste the same.  Currently there are three jars on the tray in the corner of the counter.

Laundry, the installation of the shelf for the DVR, and vacuuming happened, too.  Then we all relaxed and lounged and played and read and watched or played too much on the various screens in the house.  But a rainy week-end day sometimes proves to be a good day to watch too much TV and play too much Portal.  Tomorrow we’ll get the mowing done, have a picnic, light off some sparklers for The Cub, maybe get a fire going for real s’mores, and watch A Capitol Fourth.

Happy Independence Day!



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