A Blast From The Past

My niece is a girly girl.  A girly girl with my curly brown hair, which slightly confounds my sister as she has bone straight dark blond hair.  My niece loves pink, purple, princesses, ballerinas, all of it.  She loves to sit in my Mom’s walk in closet and look at Mom’s jewelry and wear pretty bows and flowers in her hair.  So when my Mom suggested that I make some ribbon barrettes for her, I went for it.  My sister and I made these in various combinations of colors, like our school colors, Christmas colors, etc, when we were in grammar school.  At the time we’d buy just the amount of each color that we would need.  The ribbon is 50 cents for a 10 yard roll at Michaels, so I picked up a bunch of colors and two packs of barrettes.  After making two pairs for the girly girl with my curly brown hair, I’ve made pairs for some other little girls in our lives.

My sister and I didn’t really share clothing or shoes as she is taller and has a longer foot.  But we could share the barrettes.  Now, we did fight over who got to wear which pair on which day, but it was something that we could share.

Makes me want a Frustration Pencil, now, too.


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