A Green Garden

Or at least the start of one.

We’ve been planning to have a vegetable garden for a few years.  M’Lord grew up having one until he moved into an apartment.  So this year we finally built frames, had dirt delivered, moved the dirt into the frames, and planted seeds.  Now, we did this all rather late for our region, so the garden is an experiment more than a food provider this year.  One garden is veggies.  One is flowers for me to cut and have in the house.  Someday, anyway.  But there is green in each bed.  Today, while relaxing in our new little “family” inflatable pool, I noticed something in the veggie garden.

We have pods!

And string beans!

They are small, but they are there.  There are a bunch of tiny pods emerging from the pea blossoms, so we may actually get enough for dinner one night.  The string beans are tiny, but they are there.

The carrots and scallions are doing well, too.  The lettuce is small, but it is a cool weather crop, so we may pull up and replant for the fall and have fresh lettuce for salads then.

The zinnias are doing the best in the flower garden.  The sunflower buds have all been eaten.  While the veggies are fenced in, the flower garden is not, so someone is nibbling.  Fencing will be added for next year.  There is green there, too, but not as much as the veggie garden.

So while we started late and understand that this year is an experiment, we have something out there and that is exciting for me and The Cub.

Stay cool.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Granny Finlayson on July 11, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    Thank you for the glimpse of what is happening in NJ. The Granny is looking forward to some time later this year to be part of the days there when her job goes away.


  2. This is the third year in a row that we have contemplated building frames and making a garden. Contemplated but not acted on the idea. So nice to see the little pea pods of yours. Maybe next year…


    • We kept saying “Maybe next year.” Finally this year, though late, we did it. We’ll hopefully get a few carrots and maybe some cucumbers out of what is left, and I should be replanting the lettuce, I think, soon, since it is a cool weather plant. We have a planting chart for our area. But The Cub is having fun seeing what is growing. It’s good for everyone to actually see where veggies and fruit come from. Maybe get the frames built this fall and have the dirt delivered so you are all ready for the spring?


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