I have a light green thumb, and flowers are not always my strong suit.  The soil in our area is full of clay, dense, and hard to dig.  I don’t have the patience to stir up the dirt and add stuff to it in the front of my house.  This is why I depend on a raised bed, pots, and  impatiens for color in the front yard.  In the back yard there is a garden area that was there from the previous owner.  No one tended it for two years before we moved in.  That spring and summer were full of surprises as we discovered what was there.  There is a stubborn rose bush that grows too tall and should be up against a trellis.  There are hostas, which are not my favorite at all.  And there are day lilies.  Orange and yellow ones.  The single orange blooms come out first.  The yellow usually come out last.  But in between we get these.


Triple layer day lilies.

They look like someone put two more lilies into the base one.

So beautiful.

And I had nothing to do with their presence in our yard.

I moved a few of them, earlier in the spring, as we are planning to cover an area of the bed with a new patio someday and I wanted to keep the triple blooming plants. I don’t envy the task that the original planter had in getting them into the soil.  That stuff is hard and nasty.

We’ve had dry years and very wet ones and these lilies keep coming back.  What a sturdy bunch.  The transplanted ones survived my efforts, too, which is a miracle.

They make me happy.

Now if I could just get the hostas to go away.  I’m going to need a bobcat to get those things out of the ground.


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