Splish Splash

A few summers ago we bought a small kiddie pool for The Cub to splash in.  Last year he was too big for it, but we put it at the end of the swingset slide, filled it, and he held Boat Floats in it, sliding cars and boats down the slide into the water.

This year he is definitely too big for it.  A couple of years ago my Aunt gave us a 7 x 5 inflatable pool that she hadn’t used.  I hadn’t ever opened it until last week.  That is when I discovered that the caps for the large air input valves were missing.  The summer stuff is now on sale in most stores, so last week-end we went to Target and picked up one of the last two inflatable pools on the shelf.

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to inflate it using the bike pump, much less me and my lungs.  I was lucky.  The one nozzle for our air mattress air pump fits the large valves on the pool.  So the pump came out to the yard with an extension cord and we inflated the pool.  Then we filled it, which took a while, of course, but gave us time to eat lunch.

Then we played and relaxed in the pool.

I showed The Cub how to sit in a tube and hang on to the edge to just float and relax.

He enjoyed squirting me with his water pistol.

And once M’Lord made it home from helping a friend install new flooring, he soaked in the pool for a while and read the Sunday comics.  The Cub joined him in the pool again.

And turned himself into a pool caterpillar, using all of the tubes.

We’ve been in the pool every day that we’ve been home this past week.  The Cub has been practicing putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles and kicking. This afternoon M’Lord even brought the laptop out so that he could watch the recording of today’s Tour de France while we soaked.

Now, for the green record, I do use the pool water to water the gardens and shrubs so that not all of it is just watering the grass when we switch it out.  It takes longer, filling the watering can and bucket and walking them to where the gardens are, but the water gets used for something else.

It has become, in just a week, a good addition to our summer fun this year.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Looks like your family is loving that pool!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment. Looking forward to checking out more of your posts. Hope you’ll stop by to visit me often!


    • You are welcome and thanks for checking out my beginner blog here. I can’t remember whose blog I found your on, but I enjoy it. I’m envious of your view. And as we have two cats and I like to watch NASCAR, I definately appreciate Sundae and Motor Man posts.


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