A Boy and a Vampire Bunny

We’ve been reading to The Cub since he came home.  He’s reading on his own now.  Dr. Suess, his Cars books, whatever we have that he can get himself through, with occasionally help on new or longer words.  He’s 5.  He’s reading up to Stage 3 beginner reader books, depending on the publisher and how they rank their series.  He’s reading signs, titles, etc, out loud as he sees them.  We go to the library regularly.  And for last summer and this one, The Cub has joined the summer reading program.  They don’t care if you are reading to the child or the child is reading, or whether the books are library or their own books, as long as the child is involved.  Track the hours and earn prizes.  One more stamp and The Cub can spin the wheel for a bigger prize.  He is excited.

As I am easily talked in to buying new or used books for him, the shelf is getting quite crowded despite passing down books to his cousins on a regular basis.  And there are more on his bedroom shelves.  The chair on the right is an old child rocker that his Nana found for him in an antique shop.   A great place for him to read!

Now, what has  him more excited than spinning the prize wheel is having his dad read the Bunnicula series to him.  I, being a Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden sort, had never read Bunnicula by James Howe, nor heard of it.  The books, about a family that finds a bunny while seeing Dracula and the adventures of the family pets because of this bunny, are M’Lord’s from when he read them as a boy.  They are beginner chapter books.  The two of them lie down on the couch for bedtime reading and pick up where they left off the last time.  And they just finished the third book in the series.  Which is good, because I remembered to look for more books at the library on Monday.  They had the 5th book and a picture book based on the series characters.  So both came home with us.  The Cub was so excited to show them to M’Lord.  We read the picture book and a couple of other new library books after lunch.  And even though it was, technically, my night to read at bedtime, The Cub requested that M’Lord do the reading so that they could finish the third book.  So they did.  Which postponed bedtime a bit, but who can fault reading for that?

He’s also using the characters in his own games and play, which is as amusing as listening to him try to explain the characters and story to my parents.  He gets so excited and into the explanation that it is hard to get a word in edgewise.  Much like his Mommy, I will admit.

Meet Bunnicula

Note that the bunny looks like it has fangs and a cape.

On to book Four!


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  1. You have me curious about Bunnicula now! We may have to try it. Thanks for the tip (I’m a Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables and The Secret Garden sort myself, now with 2 boys). Also, I love the bookcase!


    • Oh, I’m glad that the book interests you. I still need to read it. We were in B&N the other day and found the 5th book and brought it home. M’Lord owns the first 4 and didn’t know that there were more until I started looking for other books by the author. Five thru 8 were written much later, so he had outgrown the series by then. I hope that your family enjoys them as much as M’Lord and The Cub are.


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