A New Adventure for The Cub

The Cub is 5.  At 7 months M’Lord and I went away for two nights and my parents stayed with The Cub.  The following year we visited them down in NC for a week and again went away for two nights.  The Cub stayed with them.  He’s had sitters and my parents have watched him during the day and put him to bed regularly over the last 5 1/2 years.  But this week will be different.

The Cub is on his way to NC to stay with Nana and Pa for a week.  All by himself.  For a week.

Last night, when I went in to say goodnight, he was crying.  He didn’t want to go to Nana and Pa’s without me and Daddy.  ::sniffle::  So we cuddled with him for a while and told him that we’d call for bedtime and that we could do a few Skype visits during the week.  What a difference technology can make compared to when I was a kid and stayed with one of my grandmothers while my parents went away.  This morning I was awake early, so I cuddled with him in his bed for a while, then we moved to the couch to watch Little Einsteins until Pa and Nana got up to finish packing.  He was ok this morning.  He tried to give me and M’Lord quick goodbye hugs, but we gave bigger, longer ones.

Then he climbed into  the car, got settled with Nana back there with him, and they were off.  As Pa left the driveway in the wrong direction and turned around, I got to wave goodbye twice.  Then I went inside and sniffled for a little while with M’Lord.  Then I headed to work.  As we aren’t going away while The Cub is away, it’s good that I’m working for a few of the days.

I haven’t heard from them, so I’m guessing that The Cub is ok and we’ll talk to him at bedtime.

We’ll see how the Nana and Pa survive the energy of a 5 year old boy who loves to run and wrestle for a week.

And if I’ll actually sleep in or just get up and start my day at The Cub’s and my usual get up and cuddle while watching Disney Junior time.

And if I’ll leave all of his toys out or put what he left out away for the week.

And if I’ll fill the pool up so that I can soak in it or leave it deflated for the week.

This will be an adventure for all of us.


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