The house is quiet.

All weekend the house was quiet.  No Legos falling, or being stepped on as I moved them into their bins or on to the Lego table (which was the train table but has been taken over by Legos).  No “Look what I made, Mommy (Lego creation #???)”.  No “Mommy, can I play on your computer?”  No “Mommy, will you read this book with me?”  No soft voice from the living room as he reads his books out loud to himself.  No “Can we go somewhere?”  No “Are we going anywhere today?” No bare feet running through the house sounds.  No pantry cabinet door closing sounds.  No step stool being pushed across the kitchen floor so that he can reach something sound.  No “Can I help?”.  No “Mwa” sounds when The Cub comes in to the room to say “I Love You, Mommy.

I miss the words and the sounds.

I stayed in bed until 7 am this morning, not having to get up earlier to have time to cuddle with The Cub before getting ready for work and the sitter.  And I still managed to get out the door later than I might have without The Cub in tow.

5 more days and I’ll be Mommy again, instead of a “phone call to say goodnight Mommy”.


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  1. Posted by Granny Finlayson on August 3, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    It’s wonderful that he is so secure. Would that we parents were able to watch them without the sniffles. I have fond memories of times with my “MImi” as a young child that make a whole world of differences in my life and thinking as opposed to my sister who was a “Grandpa’s girl”. Thanks for being able to let him do this happily.


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