Bunnicula in Lego

Now that I’ve finally uploaded the photos from the camera, here is Bunnicula in Lego, as conceived/built by M’Lord and The Cub at the Cub’s request.  We now have Book 5 in the series, Return to Howliday Inn, waiting for M’Lord and The Cub to finish Book 4, Nighty Nightmare.

From left to right we have Bunnicula, Chester, Howie, and Harold.

Why I can’t save this rotated is beyond me right now, but here are the critters and additional Lego figures that The Cub picked to be the father, mother, and two boys.

The Cub loves to use his Lego figures to be whatever it is that he is interested in at that moment.  This night it was Bunnicula characters.

Trips to the Lego store can be very interesting when it is to build new figures based on what they have in the random parts bins.  It’s quite a process.  That store is very dangerous.  The last batch were Mario, Baby Mario, and WaLuigi, if I remember correctly.

My goal is to not vacuum up any parts or pieces.


2 responses to this post.

  1. The Cub’s Bunnicula totally rocks! I’m digging the red eyes. Also loved the last line: “I’m just hoping not to vacuum up any of the parts.” Ha! Sounds like something I would do. Totally.


    • Thanks. M’Lord loved Legos as a kid and was very annoyed, after having a boy, that they’d gotten rid of the huge duffel bag of Legos from when he and his brothers played with them. So we are building a new collection. The latest addition, thanks to the Borders liquidation, is the Hogwarts castle set from the Harry Potter line. He and The Cub are slowly working their way through the 1260 pieces! More to not vacuum up. But it’s great father/son time for them.


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