More Legos – for the Man and the Boy

Thursday night M’Lord and I were going out for dinner as The Cub was still away.  After hearing our destination, a friend suggested that we go early and stop at the nearby Borders to see what was left.  We took her suggestion.  What an expensive suggestion it was.  While wandering around the games area M’Lord found the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts set sitting on the floor.  It still had the theft binding on it, and it could be had for 25% off the original price.  M’Lord couldn’t leave it there.  Nope.  Not my geek.  After picking up two Cars 2 Lego sets for The Cub (that we put away for Christmas), along with a copy of Baking Illustrated that I’ve wanted for 4 years or so, and a few other books, we headed to the checkout and paid for our pile.  Ouch.  Later that night I started to mark up the receipt for budget recording purposes and realized that the Hogwarts set was not on the receipt, but an odd book was.  The cashier had punched in the wrong number for the set and charged us only for a book.  As honesty is the best policy, and the difference in cost was too much to ignore, M’Lord took a photo, with his phone, of the price tag, and headed to work the next day.  He called Borders and ended up talking to the manager.  He explained what had happened, was thanked for his honesty, and asked to come back in to the store with the receipt.  The shift manager then fixed the mistake, and, for his honesty, gave M’Lord a 40% discount instead of the original 25%.  So, while it was still an expensive trip, the fun toy part of it came down a bit.

On Saturday morning, The Cub, who is now home again, found the box and had a lot of trouble waiting for M’Lord to get up so that they could start to build this 1260 piece thing.  There were 10 bags of pieces in the box.  For a 5 year old The Cub did very well with following the directions and putting the “sets” together considering that the age range on the box is 8 to 14 years .  Yes, M’Lord was doing very well with it too, considering he’s way beyond the age range ;).  On Saturday we (M’Lord, My Dad, and I) helped with the first 7 bags.

First they assembled the characters.

Then the first tower.

Then The Cub and I assembled the bottom half of the second tower.

The The Cub and my Dad assembled the top half of the second tower.

Then The Cub and M’Lord started the Dining Room section until it was The Cub’s bedtime.

The rest would wait for Sunday.

Meanwhile, M’Lord started to clean up the top shelf area in the Family Room in order to have a place to put the finished castle.

On Sunday morning, The Cub woke M’Lord up enough to ask if he could put the pieces from Bag 8 together with Pa.  The answer was Yes.  This one included the parts to complete the Dining Hall roof.

Once M’Lord was up and about, he and The Cub took care of Bag 9.

After lunch they completed the project with Bag 10, which included a tiny green Lego frog.

The critters in this set are great.  There are 3 owls, a cat, a large rat, a spider, a frog, and a bat.

The finished build is pretty neat.

And The Cub is happy!


4 responses to this post.

  1. WOW!!!
    That’s an awesome Lego set! Love that last photo of him with his new Hogwart’s set and that beaming smile. Also loved the full family participation. Nice way to spend time together. So… worth every penny, right?


  2. Cute post! I loved your comment about your hubby being beyond the age range!


  3. Very impressive! What a project to complete in such a short time. So who’s more tenacious, the husband or the boy? 🙂


    • In this case, it was the boy. Once we’d finish a bag of the kit he was ready to do another. Come to think of it, any other kit that we’ve done that involved more than one section was the same. Once one part was built we’d have to talk him into a break before working on the next. But he’s getting good at looking at the instruction booklets and figuring out what to do. Keeping him on track is the issue. But he’s 5, so that isn’t surprising. He’ll start to play with a part or a critter or something. It would obviously go much faster if one of the adults just built whatever it is, but he doesn’t learn anything from that and we lose the fun/frustration of doing it together.

      Then again, if it is something that the man is working on, he usually sticks with it until he’s done, so they are both tenacious when doing something that they really want to do. Cleaning and putting toys/tools, on the other hand, is another story 😉


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