Water Fun

The Cub, for a couple of years, didn’t like spraying water – showers, spray parks, sprinklers, etc.  So when the MOMs held playdates at the local spray park we skipped it.

This year, though, I gave it a shot again.  And The Cub loved it.  He spent the better part of 2 hours in and out of the sprays, with a couple of trips over to the playground for breaks.  These two are from my cell phone as I forgot my camera.

He stood under the dumping buckets…

And controlled the spray guns…

…and ran through all of the ground fountains.

Yesterday we went up to a friend’s house for a babysitting/play date.  Once my friend and her oldest returned home the Slip and Slide was set up on the slope in their back yard.  At the bottom they placed a partially filled inflatable round pool to create a bigger landing zone because it’s running down the hill in their back yard.  After the first slide down, through the sprinkling water that wets the slide, The Cub just kept running up the slope and sliding down.

He came down on his tush…

…his stomach…

…backwards on his stomach…

…many times around…

They even added a small child slide to the top for a little while, adding to the length and speed.  He loved that too.

My boy who disliked spraying water has become a spray water lover.  Yay!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I remember when my son was young, it took him awhile to decide he liked some things. He was always hesitant about jumping into something new!


  2. I can’t tell you how wonderful that looks to me right now, after a week+ of moving in this Carolina heat. We haven’t gone to a water park in a long, long time, so it’s making me think that I should try to see if there is one close by here. I’m glad The Cub had so much fun at the park and with the Slip and Slide. It’s fun to see your kids overcoming their dislikes and/or fears.


    • It is. He’s our only, so there isn’t a sibling to show him what fun some things are to try. But once he does get there, he usually loves whatever it is. We were worried that he wouldn’t want to try other roller coasters after being scared on Space Mountain this past winter, but he did and like them, so he’s figuring out that just because one something scares you, others like it might not.

      As for waterparks, I don’t know what’s on the east coast of NC. There are a few spray parks near WS and Charlotte that my sister know of, but that is a bit of a drive for your family. Good luck finding something fun and wet to do.


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