Mommy and the Legos

Aha!  I knew that there was a shot of me and the Cub working on the Hogwarts Castle build.  Though Pa and Daddy did most of the bags/sets with him, I did do one of them.  I like playing with Legos and remember having a space rocket set, a hospital set, and various other pieces when I was a girl, along with Bristle Blocks, Lincoln Logs, wood blocks, and Tinker Toys.  That might be part of why I ended up in the construction industry, hmmm.  There are times when Liam will want to create something and all three of us end up on the floor, going through the bins looking for pieces, and creating the whatever it is together.

He has quite a collection, including Fire and Police sets.  He likes to make Wall-Es and Eves in all colors, and vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  The cocktail umbrellas are beach umbrellas for the various figures.  The existence of a Lego Store in the mall near M’Lord’s office does not help to keep the quantity down at all.  It’s a dangerous store.  Yes, it is.  My sister found 4 gallon bags of miscellaneous pieces at a yard sale for 50 cents each and sent them up to add to the collection, too.  Most of what is in the bins is a random collection of odd parts and pieces.  All the more interesting to use and create with.

About once a week we get all of the pieces that aren’t parts of some construction into their bins so that I can vacuum without sucking up any Legos.  Today was not that day. The table top on the trunk was originally for Thomas tracks.  It’s become the Lego table and is at the perfect height for The Cub to work at while playing on the floor.

Anyway, here we are finishing up whichever tower it was that we worked on together.

On to the next project/build we go.


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