Reuse of a favorite sweater

I responded to a post on  about her reusing an old/barely worn undershirt by turning it into a cute dress for her granddaughter, with how I had turned two damaged wool sweaters into throw pillows.  She was curious about them, so here the are.

The cream colored pillow began as a tunic length Aran knit style sweater that I bought in Blarney, Ireland, while there on a bus tour with my Mom.  It developed a hole in the lower front, and was then washed in warm water by accident.  I salvaged the tag from the inside and added it to the back for memory of the trip to Blarney.

The patterned pillow began as a Woolrich cardigan with the yoke pattern around the collar.  There was a stain on one of the sleeves that I could not get out.

I wanted to save them somehow, so they became pillows.  This gave my hands and my machine a workout as they were not thin wool sweaters.  There was wool fuzz everywhere, I broke a couple of needles and ended up hand stitching the patterned one by hand.

Both sweaters were washed at least twice in hot water to felt them.  The cream sweater was easier to work with as it was tunic length and a little thinner, and was not a cardigan.  After determining the size of the squares, cutting them out, and stitching them around three sides, I filled it with a pillow form and hand stitched it closed.

The patterned sweater was shorter, needed to be stitched closed in the front, and was thicker, so most of the sewing on this one was hand work.  Because of the length I worked off of the bottom of the sweater in order to not have the collar remain exposed.  So this one still looks like a sweater while the other one looks like it started out as a pillow.

They look great in my family room, which has red paint on the lower walls and cream paint on the upper walls.  I miss wearing the sweaters, but I love that I was able to salvage them into pillows.


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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing the photos. Now I feel better about jumping in and trying it with my old sweaters. Love that you can recycle a favorite article of clothing into a functional item that reminds you of favorite places or events. They look great!


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