A crash, of sorts…

Hello! I am here!  Blogging has been on hold due to Irene taking our power for 5 days and my laptop crashing and then dying via fried video card the day after power was restored.  Due to the age of the laptop and the cost of a new card, we have gone the new laptop route.  It is on order and in testing, which means that I don’t have it yet.  That leaves us with one working and shared computer at home.  I usually write at night after The Cub has gone to bed, but that is my husband’s time on the computer.  So, while I have about a half a dozen posts that I’m planning to write and photos to post with them, I haven’t had a computer to work on during my usual time.

So I am still here.  Idea’s have been written down to remember to turn into posts, including Irene and The Cub’s first day of Kindergarten and getting into the swing of a new schedule and the surprises in our garden and The Cub’s new loft bed and …..

Regarding the storms, we are fine and other than the loss of power and lots of branches blown down, neither Irene nor Lee did any damage to us or our home.  I’ll take a loss of power and some food from the freezer and fridge over the flooding that so many others have endured from both storms.  Now to get back into the swing of things.

More to come soon!  I promise!


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