A New Pattern

The Cub started Kindergarten four weeks ago tomorrow.  This was just after Irene and Lee visited us and my laptop died.  I have my new toy, finally, so I am getting back into blogging.

Three days after Irene came through we had an Open House and a Wishes and Dreams meeting with his teacher.  During the Open House she read a book called The Kissing Hand.  I sniffled.  How bad was I going to be on the first day?!

We spent part of the week-end getting his backpack (Cars of course), lunchpack (Cars, also), clothes, binder, folder, etc, together and ready.  On Tuesday morning we headed out.

M’Lord can go in a bit later than most, so he walked with us, too.  It’s about .4 miles to the school from our house.  It was rainy and grey out, but the walk was fine.

Once at the school we joined the line of parents taking photos of their child/ren in front of the school sign.

First The Cub.

Then me and The Cub.

Then M’Lord prompted The Cub to give me their surprise.  The Cub pulled a small pouch out of his pocket and handed it to me.

::sniffle::melt::  I sing You Are My Sunshine to him at bedtime almost every night. (This is from http://www.thevintagepearl.com)

I was ok until that.  So I put it on and we walked The Cub to his classroom.  He was a little sad but his teacher whisked him right in and he’s been fine ever since, going straight in after a hug and a kiss.  I’m so glad that I/we get to walk him to school and don’t have to put him on a bus yet.  M’Lord and I walked home and he headed for work.

We are finally, I think, getting into the new pattern of week-day life.  The two days off last week threw it for a small loop, but we are back again.  And I didn’t forget anything that The Cub or I needed to carry to school today.

So far I’ve forgotten to put his library book into his pack once.  And I misinterpreted one form and signed the wrong thing.  But I fixed that with a trip to the school office. Remembering all of his stuff is slightly easier with the folder that stays in his backpack.  Papers go in in the morning and come out after school.  M’Lord takes him to school on the two days that I work, but I’ve adjusted my hours so that I get home in time to pick The Cub up from school and make up the hours doing work from home during the other three days that I am home.

But it’s odd to be home alone all day.  Just remembering lunch and figuring out what to eat is odd, as I’m not working around what The Cub wants for lunch.  But I’m getting some projects done, and thinking up more, along with work from home, which are all much easier to do when there isn’t a small child asking for help, snacks, a playmate, or attention in general.

A new pattern. We are working on it.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my goodness! I teared up just reading about your sweet little surprise. (sniff) So sweet. I’m glad to hear that you are finding a new routine. 🙂


  2. That first day of kindergarten is strange, for sure. It’s exciting and a little sad at the same time. I’ve got one left at home (mostly) for this year, and I can’t even imagine what that first day will feel like next year when the house is without kids. I’m sure I’ll adjust, but still.


    • It is strange, and you’ve had children in the house for longer than I have. My sitter is child free now, during the day, for the first time in 11 years, so she’s getting all sorts of projects done. But she misses having them around, too. Enjoy your last year with a little one home during the day.


  3. Your post brought back memories of when my son started kindergarten (MANY years ago!). But, as a mom you never forget.
    I’m so glad your little one has adjusted well to school. That makes it SO
    much easier!
    Thanks for being a faithful visitor to my blog. Glad you’re back!


    • Thank you. He loved preschool, so I had good hopes for kindergarten. He loves his teacher and when I pick him up after school and ask how his day was he says “Great!” So it continues to be good.

      I’m glad to be back, too.


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