A Wonderful Family

This has been sitting in my drafts for a month or so.  The area was subsequently trashed by Irene.  The road to the YMCA camp was washed out just a day after the last campers went home and the K houses all had water in the basement.  The house across the way, next to the river, became an island.  Such a terrible mess in such a wonderful area.

So here is the original post…

It had been two years since we were in the Catskills in the summer.  It’s been 18 months since being there in the winter.  The reasons for those two visits were to celebrate the lives of two wonderful people who welcomed our family in to theirs over 40 years ago, starting with my Dad.

The K property is on the side of a mountain.  There is the main house which was the original post office for the town and now houses A and her pottery shop.  There is the “parents house” which was built for Mr. and Mrs. K years ago and is now the main house for gatherings and guests.  There is also R’s Cabin – which is across the property a ways and where we hung out for most of this visit.

A couple of weeks ago, we finally were able to get up there again for a couple of days.  It’s beautiful and quiet in the Catskills.  Especially when it is raining outside.  On Monday, just after the men left for a bike ride and Mom and M left for a walk it, began to rain.  Lightly.  Then harder and harder.  Mom and M got back, very wet, after standing under a tree for a while and realizing that the rain wasn’t going to let up.  The umbrella that they had brought wasn’t much help.  Mom grabbed her keys and headed back to the hotel room to shower and dry off.  M went back out for more of a walk after the rain let up a little bit.  The men returned in smaller bunches, drenched.  I passed out towels and soon there were towels and bike clothing draped all over.  M returned with J and we all spent most of the day reading, playing Scrabble, talking, and relaxing.  The Cub had fun teaching the adults how to play the games on his Leapster.

Whenever we visit the Ks we offer to make a meal.  As usual, we were asked for a German meal of brats, wursts, salads, etc, followed by chocolate chip and Sierra Mist poundcakes for dessert.  During one of the breaks in the rain, M’Lord began to load the food into our car so that we could drive it all over to the other house for dinner cooking and assembly.  I watched him do this and asked if I could laugh if it started to rain again while he was loading the car.  A minute later it did.  Hard.  And I laughed as I watched him then climb into the back of the station wagon and pull the door shut.  He had to climb all the way to the front in order to get out again, too, as the hatch has no interior release and the back side doors have the child locks set on them.

Once the rain slowed down again we finished packing up the food and all headed for the parents house for dinner, which M’Lord and I prepared, with Mom’s string bean and potato salads, and the poundcakes for dessert.  Lots of beer and wine flowed, along with lots of talk.

On the last day we did manage to get out for a short “hike” up to an observation cabin.

Here are My Men looking out at the mountains.

And here are M’Lord and me in our usual photo pose.

Years ago, M’Lord decided that we should be photographed facing what we were there to see in at least one shot.  So we have a wall of framed photos of the backs of us at whatever place we were visiting.  This one will join them as soon as I get a frame.

As for the Ks – they are a wonderful family and we are extremely blessed to be considered a part of it.


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  1. It looks beautiful there. I’d love to see it. I’m also sorry it took such a hit in Irene. I hope everyone’s okay there now, and that the water damage won’t be too difficult to fix.


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