A Wintery Mess in October

I have a post started all about our trip to Washington, DC, that is waiting for the photos to be inserted.  It will wait another day or so.  Instead….


And Ice!

In October!

We have many branches down, which makes me rather unhappy.

With a few still hanging from shreds.  Those will be a bit of a challenge to get down, in a couple of locations.

The silver maples and the one elm lost the most.

All of that in the back is a mess of silver maple branches.

This morning it is a frozen mess, all crunchy and lumpy, as our area received a combination of snow and rain.  Wind continually knocked clumps out of the leafy trees, so most of the evening included lots of thumps on the roof.

The forsythia, already bent over from other issues including a very dry July, are now almost flattened.

As are the mums in the front garden.

And the last of my amazingly tall zinnias are flattened.  I did cut the best ones before the storm, so I have some in a mason jar in the kitchen.

Today it is supposed to be in the mid 40s, so I’m hoping that most of this mess melts by nightfall.

Meanwhile, The Cub and I will carve a jack-o-lantern and make Halloween/Fall roll out cookies.


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