Happy Halloween

Halloween is over.  The door is shut.  The outside lights are off.  The candle is out.  The Cub is tucked in.  Tomorrow the Halloween specific decor will be put away.  It was a long day.

Yesterday we (he designed the face, I carved it and fished all of the seeds out for roasting) carved a jack-o-lantern.  The glow is from the sun coming through the kitchen window.

There was no school today as they hadn’t finished returning power to the area and there were still roads closed due to tree limbs and traffic signals still not fixed when they had to make the decision last night.  However, the township did not postpone Halloween as some have done.  By this morning the signals were fixed and a small minority of area was still in the dark.

So we went trick or treating this afternoon while a chicken roasted in the oven.  I keep the route short as a 5 year old does not need that much candy.  And we gave him a new Cars 2 car, so he’s very happy.

The Cub chose to be a ghost this year.  One $5 white sheet from W-Mart and about an hour of cutting and sewing and some consulting with M’Lord about the basic pattern and we had a ghost costume.  I didn’t want the whole sheet over his head, so I went with a pullover hoodie sort of thing.  I used brown eye shadow around his eyes to make him look haunted.

The Cub was happy.  That is what counts.

The Skull Riders (a local group of riders who do a car and bike show on Halloween and ride through the township, all to raise money for kids with medical issued in our area) came by just as M’Lord and The Cub were settling in to read, so we threw shoes on and headed out to the corner to watch the motorcycle parade go by.  I didn’t think that we were on the route based on what was published, but they came by us. Then it was back to reading and bedtime.  It was a long day, but a good day.

Happy Halloween!


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  1. What a cute ghost costume?! And I love the idea of the hoodie under it – that worked out great! I bet he was one tired little fella after that busy day! Great job on the jack-o-lantern too.


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