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We just returned from our first Parent/Teacher conference for The Cub.  He’s doing really well in all things, is quiet and hardworking, is friendly and helpful, is still sensitive, and loves to give hugs.  All good.

I knew that he reads really well for a kindergartener.  But I was surprised when his teacher told us that he is reading at just under a 2nd grade level.  Wow!  He and one other child in his class are her top readers in their own reading group.  We need to work on asking him about what we are reading, now, to work on comprehension.  Wow!

He took the advanced math test, but didn’t place quite high enough for 1st grade math.  But he’s up there with a couple of other kids in his class.  She works with the kids in groups based on their abilities, so he’ll be doing reading with the one other and math with a couple of kids, so he won’t be alone in his “groups”.  His teacher has taught 1st and 2nd grade, so she told us that she has all sorts of stuff to challenge him (and the other advanced children) with so he won’t be bored.  We’ll work on it at home, too.

I’m happy.  Maybe we’ll go out for milkshakes tonight.


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  1. There’s nothing like a good parent/teacher conference. Congrats to The Cub. And yes, comprehension is important. My high school classes always had students who had fluency down pat, but didn’t have a clue what they had read after they were done, which, in high school, affects their success in almost every subject area. Good for you for thinking about comprehension early on.


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