I love trees.  One of the reasons that we bought this particular house was that there are many mature trees on the property.  We lose lots of branches regularly.  Irene and the October snowstorm brought down a lot of branches.

These piles are mostly elm and silver maple branches brought down by the October snow.

Two summers ago we had a drought in the area.  This, or something else that I haven’t discovered, killed 5 out of 6 of our remaining Norway Spruce trees.  Two had already been taken down in the past few years.  Last spring we managed to get three of them down with the help of M’Lord’s coworker and his son and their chain saw.  We have a small electric chainsaw, but it is really too small as the trunks get larger.  I like using our little chainsaw.  Buzzzzzzz!

This past week-end, M’Lord and I took the last two down.  M’Lord climbed up both of them to cut the tops off.

Yes, he is sane, but he is crazy.

Then we cut the branches off and cut the upper trunks down to small lengths and stacked them by the curb.

Then, with the help of his coworker, again, and his chain saw, the bottoms came down.

The branch pile, waiting for the township chipper to come around to clean up the snow storm damage, has just gotten much larger.

The force of the falls jammed a number of branches into the dirt.  Some took some serious tugging to get out.  We don’t need the small boy tripping over any of those.  But they made for a rather sturdy base so that I could use one of the trunks as a balance beam.

The Cub balanced on the other one once it was lying fully on the ground.

And he had a great time pretending to fly off of the two stumps.

And leaping into a leaf pile that I made on the other side of the driveway, away from all of the little branches that we’d just strewn all over the side yard by crashing two spruce trees to the ground.

And there is a pile of logs up for grabs.  Best for outside fires, but some people will burn spruce in their wood stoves.

But they are down.  And we are tracking much fewer needles into the house.

I hate having to losing trees.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Love the “he is sane but he is crazy” comment! I miss having the big piles of leaves to jump in, since our leaves around here are minimal.


  2. It always breaks my heart to see trees come down. But thanks to our record drought in Texas this year, it is becoming far too normal around here. Very sad. Seeing that big pile of logs makes me want to either build a bonfire or rustic furniture. I could go either way.


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