A New Year

Goodbye 2011.  Hello 2012.

Many friends and some family have had a rather rough year.  Ours has been pretty good.  We are happy and healthy, have jobs and a home, and The Cub is doing very well in school.  I’ll take it.

So what am I hoping for in 2012?

I haven’t blogged as much as I thought that I would.  I will work on that this winter.

I want to get more fit.  Not in the lose weight sense but in the work on my cardio fitness sense.  Yesterday I jogged for a few short parts of my walk.  I have no stamina, but it’s a start.  My small bonus from work will pay for new running/jogging shoes.

I want to to continue to try new recipes.  I was pretty successful at that in 2011.

I want to sit down and play more with The Cub, go on more adventures.  Even if it is just a walk on the canal path to get us out of the house.  This is a work in progress.  But today I sat and cuddled with him and we watched a bunch of Christmas specials that we hadn’t yet gotten to. That is a start.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll finish building his Lego Mac from Cars 2.

I want to watch less repetitive TV and read more.  TV watching is a post for another day and I need to figure out what I’d like to read about.  I’ve lost my interest in mysteries.  That is also a topic for another post.

I’d like to listen more and talk less.  This is a continuing work in progress.  I just talk too much.

I want to actually finish the projects on my list, like ordering two years worth of photos and getting them in to albums and painting the hallway.

I want to work with my new Pentax K-r and learn more about digital photography and what I can do with the camera.

I’d like to….

…so many ideas.

Resolutions – no.  I don’t like that word.

A To Do List in constant flux is more like it.

Happy New Year.  May yours be one full of love, family, friends, fun, good health, and joy.


One response to this post.

  1. Happy New Year, Lisa! I haven’t been visiting much lately, but glad to hear that you and your family had a good 2011.
    Good luck with those resolutions!


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