There Goes Christmas

We waited until after Epiphany this year to take down the tree and decorations.  I’m going to miss lying on the couch at night, looking at the tree and its colored lights.  The Cub turned the lights on every morning before joining me on the couch for our morning cuddle.

I love Christmastime, but there comes a point when the house feels cluttered instead of decorated.  As Epiphany, or the 12th Day of Christmas, fell on a Friday this year, Saturday became the logical day for taking everything down.  I spent Friday making bread, one of which never rose, and dusting the bedrooms.  And I’m wondering if The Cub’s snotty nose and cough will go away after the tree is out of the house.  I do think that he has my seasonal allergies to many things green and leafy.

This shot, pre-ornaments, was taken through a one eye of a pair of “glasses” that we were given at The Osborne Family Lights at WDW Hollywood Studios in 2001.  I love that it turns the lights to snowflakes.

The tree is decorated in colored lights (because I put them on the tree and therefore get to choose between white and colored) and personal ornaments.

There is no color or era theme.  My family buys ornaments when we go on vacations and trips.  We buy ornaments that mean something to us or make us happy.  This year the Cub picked out an ornament at the Disney Store because he loves Mickey.  While I have many ornaments from before M’Lord and The Cub, I tend to hang up the ones that we’ve collected in the past 12 years.  I could decorate another tree with what doesn’t get hung on the tree right now.

There is the sheep from Scotland 2003.

There are the 5 ornaments from Disney World 2000. (one of which I thought I had gotten a photo of but apparently didn’t)

There are the 4 glass ornaments from Disney World 2010, each one representing one of the parks.

There are the pewter ornaments from Halifax 2005.  M’Lord has always been given tree ornaments and I love teddy bears, so the one on the right was just perfect for us.

There are the wooden ornaments from the Biltmore Estate, 2008, and Mohonk Mountain House 2007.

There is the large ball from The National Zoo 2011.

Right about waist height is the row of The Cub’s ornaments, hung by him right where he can see them.

And, because we have cats and a very energetic almost 6 year old, my favorite breakable ornaments go on an ornament tree on top of the TV cabinet.  There is a Waterford Santa that I bought at the factory in Ireland.  There are a couple of Lenox ornaments, a Goebel angel, a beautiful china disk of Mickey and Minnie from WDW, a Waterford Crystal Cross, a Belleek Shamrock, a china disk from Mohonk Mountain House 2002, etc.

Because of the cats and the small boy, the traditional red and silver glass ball ornaments on the tree are actually unbreakables.  The breakables don’t come out right now.

All are now wrapped and packed up for the next 11 months.

I’ve continued the practice of writing initials and the year on the back of our ornaments.  Because of this, I can lay out ornaments in year order from the year that I was born.  There are a couple of years missing due to disintegration, but for the most part I have all of the ornaments I’ve been given, bought, made, etc, since that first year.

I wonder what ornaments will be added next year.


One response to this post.

  1. That’s wonderful that you’ve dated all those ornaments! I do that sometimes, but not always.
    Your tree was beautiful. Funny how we’re anxious to put up the tree, and anxious to take it down!
    Happy New Year!


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