Marching Towards 6

About 4 years ago The Cub asked if he could take some toys to bed with him.  We said yes.  He’s been doing that ever since.  Two toys.  One in each hand whose arm is also wrapped around either Puppy or Blue Teddy.  At times he’d coordinate the color of the toy with the animal – blue car in the hand that was holding Blue Teddy sort of thing.  The toys were most often cars, either Matchbox, Hot Wheels, or Cars.  Sometimes it was different toys/cars each night.  Sometimes it was the same two for a few nights in a row.  If there was a new car or toy in the house, that one was chosen for a few nights.  The only rule was that he had to choose toys that wouldn’t come apart, so Lego creations were not on the list.  I was not searching for tiny pieces of anything at 6:30 am.  The little “goodnight poem” that I say to him each night would include those two toys at the end of it, sometimes with a check for the correct name of the car as he would assign them to other toys.  For example – a red car might be Mario’s (From the video games) car that night and a green one would be Luigi’s rather than what types of cars they actually were.  Some nights I couldn’t remember what he had picked up, so I would have to ask before finishing the poem.

This past week he asked if he could go to bed without any toys, just his stuffed animals.  I told him that it was his choice.  He hasn’t taken toys to bed since then.  Is this a sign that he is growing up more?  The poem seems a bit short with no toys listed as the last two items.

To go along with all of that, this morning The Cub announced that he had a loose tooth.  And he does.  His first loose tooth.  ::sigh::

He’ll be 6 in February.



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