A Forgetful Blogger

I had started a post about football, and that I don’t like it or watch it, but I’ve scrapped it.  But I’m stuck.  I think of good post ideas when I am out and about, doing other things, etc.  What I don’t remember to do is write down the ideas.  So when I do have the time to blog I don’t often have an idea.  I’d like to post twice a week, that hasn’t happened very often.   There are bloggers who post daily or every other daily, and manage to have ideas for those posts.  I would like to work on that.  I found three drafts that I did back in the fall that I never finished or posted.  I may finish the one, adding the photos, and finally post it, but the others are going in to the trash.

What this blog is not is a food blog or a photography blog.  It’s just a me blog, and I’ll figure it out eventually.


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  1. I go through similar bits. I’ve taken to jotting my ideas down so I have a bunch of ideas and sort them through. Sometimes I work on bits and pieces of several blogs at once, and they end up coming together. It’s odd, but it seems to work for me.

    I think you’ll find your way through on blogging.


  2. I’m famous for having gone to several Super Bowl parties without being sure of who was playing, so I can relate.

    What about keeping a running list of all the cute things The Cub says? He’s at such a great age for that.

    Or, if you are really in a pinch, just go to the mall and sit for an hour and observe. In college for a theater class, we had to sit for a while and observe people (downtown Chicago) and then pick one to “follow” (in a non-creepy way) and then write about the person in our theater journals. It was a good exercise.

    Best wishes!


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