A Use for Dice

I volunteer twice a month in my son’s kindergarten classroom.  Afternoons are math time, so I spend the first hour working with the kids to make sure that they are getting through their work, occasionally refereeing when there is a dispute if they are working in pairs or groups.  About a month ago his teacher gave some of the kids 12 sided dice and some 8 sided, depending on their math abilities, for a “math game”.  One of the kids asked if there were dice with more sides.  She answered that more sides than 12 would be very much like a ball.  After the teacher told me what she needed me to do I mentioned that there are 20 sided dice.  M’Lord, and I on occasion, plays Dungeons & Dragons and other dice based role playing games regularly, so we have lots of dice in the house.  A standard set of dice contains one 4 sided, one 6 sided, one 8 sided, two 10 sided (to roll a percentage), one 12 sided, and one 20 sided.

That night I asked M’Lord if he had any incomplete or old sets that he’d be willing to donate to the classroom.  The next day he gave The Cub a container of about 100 dice of various side counts, including at least eleven 20 sided dice, to give to his teacher.  She was thrilled.   Today I went in for the first time since that day and she was using the 20 sided dice for the math game.  I was really glad to see that she was able to use them.  I commented on them and she said that the other three K teachers have all asked to borrow the 12 and 20 sided dice.  So now we are going to ask M’Lord’s gaming buddies if they have spare or incomplete sets to donate so that there are more to share.

Dice can be ordered in bags of just one size, so if I can’t get more donations I may just order a bag of 20 sided and donate them to the school so that each of the teachers can have some in their own classrooms.

What a great new use for an odd set of something.


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