Books to Save

Borrowed from The Broke and the Bookish….

My Top Ten Books to Save If My House Were Abducted By Aliens (Or any other disaster struck)

I love to read.  But I’ve purged many books that were not favorites or that I would not read again so that someone else may have the pleasure of reading them.  So there aren’t lots of books in the house.  But the ones that I would want to take with me if I had the time to grab them, after The Cub, the server, the fire box, the computers, our wedding albums, and my purse, would be…

1.  My hardcover copy of Anne of Green Gables that I bought at an antique fair, 25th pressing dated 1910.  It still has a paper glued to the front page indicating that “Esther Louise Pickwick Owns This Book”.  I love that some of the pictures have tissue paper pages in front of them still.

2 thru 5.  I’m counting the various series as one book each:  The box of books from the attic.  It contains about 20 Cherry Ames series books, several Bobbsey Twins series books, a couple of Raggedy Ann and Andy books, and a few others.  The Cherry Ames books were my mother’s and are now mine, and I have read them many times.  The others were mine as a child and were all also read over and over again.

6 and 7.  Peanuts Treasury and Peanuts Classics.  Again, these were mine and I read through them many times.  Now I am waiting for the Cub to be able to start enjoying Peanuts.

8. The Annotated Alice and Through the Looking Glass.  This copy of Alice in Wonderland is full of footnotes and explanations of Carroll’s words, phrases, etc.  A very interesting read.  I’d thought that I’d lost it for several years, but found it again a few years ago.  It’s paperback and rather dogeared, but it is one of my favorites.

9.  My recipe binder.  There are several family recipes in there among the printed from the internet and torn out of magazines recipes and I wouldn’t want to lose them.

10.  Hush Little Baby, by Sylvia Long.  It’s the copy that I read to The Cub from.  And I love that it changed all of the buying to other activities.  I still sing it to him at times.

An odd group, but there it is.


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