Moving Those Feet…

…and legs…and getting fit.


I am a healthy weight for my height.  I surprised my OBGYN by not gaining any weight this past year.  But I am not fit.  I can walk.  I can walk a few miles without my legs and hips thinking of rebelling.  But anything requiring cardio fitness is tough.  I am not cardiovascularly fit.

During grammar school summers I belonged to the town swim team.  I could swim laps for a good long while.  I also owned a bike, a boys 10 speed, and rode around town, which was rather hilly, regularly.  My father belonged to a bike club and would often lead rides on Sundays.  If they were lower level rides I was able to go with them.

In high school I marched, and twirled a flag while I was at it.  We’d practice for hours.

Then came college.  Then a full time job.  My fitness level went downhill quickly, despite tromping, in work boots, around building construction sites with no, or really slow so we used the stairs, elevators.

Then I was introduced to Country Line Dancing.  I love country music, so it was a natural segue after a bad break up.  I started going regularly on Friday nights.  That morphed into 3 nights a week.  I could dance for hours, many dances in a row with no break, including some good fast ones.

Eventually my husband and I bought a house that was much farther away from the club than our apartment had been.  So we started going maybe twice a month.  We also bought bicycles.  I used mine occasionally, but my stamina was in the minor leagues.  Hills killed me.

Then came pregnancy, The Cub, and the need to pay a babysitter if we want to go out.  So no more dancing or biking for a long while.  I would go out for walks, but not on a good, steady schedule.

This fall I began to take longer routes home from or to school than the short, straight there route that I take with The Cub.  I was moving more, at least.  And I do walk at a fast pace.  I timed several of the walk routes so that I knew how much earlier I would need to leave in order to do the longer walk and not be late for pick up.

But I need to get my cardio fitness level up.  My bike needs a tune up and new tires and tubes, at least.  That costs a bit.  But running shoes combined with a small Christmas Bonus could do the trick.  So I did that.  I bought running shoes.

The winter weather has been on and off good for running, but I’ve gone out a few times on week-ends or during the week.  This week, though, I changed my pattern.  Instead of walking the Cub to school, heading home, doing some chores, then heading out to exercise, or walking the longer routes to or from the school, I dressed for running for the walk to school.  Both today and Wednesday were warm enough that my lungs wouldn’t scream at me for running in the cold.  So I walked/jogged home.  Wednesday was a 1.1 mile route.  This morning I took a 1.5 mile route, and actually ran the first .59 mile of it before needing to walk for a bit.  Then I alternated for the rest of the route.  But I did it.

My goal is to work up to just about 3 miles of walk/jog.  We live on a 2 mile loop road.  Miss our house and you’ll pass it again in 2 miles.  Many people in the area use it for walking/running routes.  There are two loop roads off of my loop road that will add .95 miles to the route.  That will put me up to a 5K.

There is one thing about my body that bothers me while running…my butt bounces.  I’m not chesty, so a good sports bra is plenty.  But my butt bounces.  I can feel it.  Ugh.

But to celebrate the good run part and that the spring weather is coming, today I am wearing a skirt.


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