The Cub is 6

The Cub is six.  He’s been six since February 20th.

I’ve tried to remember to write about how and what The Cub is doing a few times a year.  During the first two years I would right letters to him.  There were also the two years of calendars that you can set the months and dates from the child’s birth and make little notes about milestones.  Then I moved to typing posts about 4 times a year.  Then it sort of moved to twice.  Now I’m trying to do it at his birthday.  You can see how well I’ve done this year.  Though, I will say, I was waiting until after his Parent Teacher conference so that I could include that information.

So…physically he is healthy, energetic, blue eyed and blonde.  At his well visit he weighed 48 lbs and was 47 inches tall.  A pound an inch.  75th percentile height and 50th weight.  Tall and slender, like his daddy and uncles.  Sight and hearing are great.

As for school…he’s reading at almost a 3rd grade level.  He’s in kindergarten.  His teacher is working with him on comprehension and has him help other kids in his class work on sight words.  “This is my easiest meeting” is a direct quote from his teacher.  We were trying to figure out which piece of artwork might be his and she suggested that we look for the neatest printing and best spelling.  I was happy to hear that they really take time to figure out which teacher in the next grade will be best for each child.  His teacher said that she is going to work on placing him with a teacher that will challenge him.  The Cub is also the one student from her class that she would expect to test into 2nd grade math next year.  She also said that, depending on how many advanced readers there are that they might make a small group of them that move between the teachers together to work on more advanced books.  So we’ll see what happens in the fall.  “He’s a bright kid.  And he’ll always be that way.”  And he gets along with his classmates and has friends that he regularly plays with on the playground.

And at home…he loves to play with Legos and Cars and cars and still likes to play with his Thomas trains.  The Cub loves to climb on his Daddy.  He’s still a hugger and can cry easily when tired.  He’s a mostly good kid.   But he’s six, which means that he doesn’t remember to watch what he might knock over when he’s running or bouncing.

Legos.  There are Legos all over the house.  The Cub is really creative with his random parts and pieces.  He loves to build vehicles that come from shows that he watches or books that he reads.  But he’s also really good with sets.  We can give him a set and the only thing that he’ll need help with is putting on the stickers.  Or finding a piece that might have rolled off.  He follows the directions on his own.

Computer and video games…because he can read he doesn’t need help with directions.   He’ll find a new game and figure it out without much help at all.  Right now he’s really into the Lego site games like Builder’s Island.  And he can drive his own car on Mario Kart now.  I used to steer and he’d fire the stuff and control the gas.  Now he plays on his own.

This week the school district held an art show.  Two of The Cub’s pieces were on display.  We are going to frame the penguins and I’ll “pot” the self portrait “Flower”.

He’s getting more adventurous with eating, which is good, trying more different foods and declaring that he likes them.  Like his mommy, he’s not big on raw tomatoes.  But, like his Daddy, he’s decided that he likes salmon.

Emotionally he is still a bit of a cryer, but not as much as in the past years.  He’s getting better at using his words to tell another kid that he doesn’t want to play something or doesn’t like being hit or tackled, or whatever it is at the time.  Progress.

He’s doing just fine and I’m glad that he’s mine.


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