Who Needs Yard Crashers?!

When we moved into our house it had been empty for two years.  The yard was a mess and overgrown with ivy all around the house.  I spent the first summer pulling out ivy.  I”m still trying to keep it from taking over in certain areas.  The creeping myrtle is trying to take over, too.

There is forsythia in several locations.  I’ve spent a lot of time pruning that back or removing it altogether.

I love the tall lilac bushes along the back fence.  The smell sets off my allergies, so I don’t bring the blooms into the house, but they are lovely and the bushes (trees?) hide some of the rear neighbor’s white fence.  I’d rather be fenced in with green stuff.

The oddest thing was along the bedroom side of the house.  Just a couple of feet in from the property line the old owner had installed 5 segments of stockade fencing.  It doesn’t connect to anything at either end.  The best that we could figure out was that it was to block the view to the bedroom windows from the neighbor’s family room.  There was a sad rose bush right about a mid length.  Between it and the neighbor’s chain link fence were privet or boxwood hedges.  Many of these were dying.

The sections were doing a really good job of trying to rot in the dirt as they hadn’t been installed up enough to prevent rot.  So we eventually pulled the sections down, leaving the posts which are in decent shape.

The stockade fence has since been replaced with lengths of vinyl lattice supported by lengths of 1 x 3 that were salvaged from other odd projects that came with the house.  What we did do was install them from the tops of the posts, leaving a 1 foot gap at the bottom.  Grass and weeds filled in where the boxwoods had been.  I’m working on eliminating the weeds and establishing more grass.

We finally attacked our side of the lattice area and did something that we had wanted to do for a while.  There is now a garden edged with stones salvaged from a raised bed that we are eliminating.  We’ve planted two blue berry bushes and transplanted a rose bush from another area that is about to be torn up.  We are hoping that it takes to the transplant.  If not we’ll get a climbing rose for that location.  We need a few more plants for the garden area, but the tilling and edging and prepwork have been done.

More stone edges a newly mulched area along the side of the house in order to make mowing easier, protect the poor remaining part of the thorn bush, and protect the grounding wires and siding (yes, I know it needs a paint job) from the weed whacker and lawn mower.  The stone gives it a more finished look.

I am hoping that the thorn bush fills back in.  It was huge and died a rather ugly death, except for that one stem.  That stem even had flowers this spring.

The side yard looks much more finished now.   M’Lord plans to build an arbor archway at the narrow area between the lattice and the forsythia.

It’s a slow process, but the yard is shaping up.

Now the “Patio” is a whole other story.


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