A Little Paint…

…and some sore arms and shoulders…

We renovated our kitchen 5 years ago.  Once finished (though I still need to level some of the cabinet doors) we painted the room brown.  It picks up the colors in the Silestone “Mahogany” countertop and the glass accent tiles in the backspash.  The official paint color is Wine Barrel, which is fitting in this house, too.

There was one blank wall.  We thought about what to put on that wall.  Hang the cast iron skillets?  A collage?

Then I found the site WallWords.com.

While poking around the site for a saying that would look good on the wall, and make sense for us, I found this one:

“Chocolate is an essential nutrient.”

I thought about ordering it.

Then M’Lord and I agreed that I could paint it myself.  We chose a font and a size and printed out a sample.  I used a long level to give myself guidelines.

Then I painted the saying on the wall.  The rather chocolate colored wall.

My arms and shoulders and neck were rather sore from the reaching and craning, but it came out well.

It is a hit whenever someone new comes over and sees it for the first time.

While commenting on InsideNanaBreadsHead’s blog I mentioned it.

So I thought I would blog about it.

I’m still trying to decide on something to paint over the window over the sink or over the chalkboard on the wall by the fridge.

There is more on that wall now, but that is for another blog post.


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