Christmas Cards

It’s been a while.  I’m not a good blogger.  But…

…another blogger requested to see some of the Christmas Cards that I have drawn over the past 26 years.  This is the best place to post them.

When I was about 16, my Mom asked me to draw her card (I can confirm the year once I get the folder of the rest of the cards out).  We’ve incorporated Dad’s position as GM of the World Trade Center, my going to college in DC, various vacations, hobbies, family celebrations, etc, into the designs.  And about 8 years ago I began to draw my family’s cards, too.  One Aunt has all of them taped to her closet wall.  A cousin puts them all out every year with the current year’s cards.  They aren’t fancy.  I’m not the best artist.  But they are personal and different.

Here are some of the last few years.  Once I get up into the attic I’ll dig out the file of the rest of them and scan some of the more interesting ones in and post those, too.  You can click on the images to see bigger ones.

The small boy is The Cub.  The cats are Ceilidh and Dara.  The ornaments are things we do or like or play with.

The Cub again.  Ornaments are some of the things we like.

The Cub and Mickey the year of our trip to WDW.

We went to DC last year, hence the Monument and various DC characters.  The bikes are because The Cub learned to ride without training wheels.  The small thing on the side of the Monument is an ant carrying an ornament.  The leaf cutter ants were one of The Cub’s favorite critters in the Natural History museum.  The rolling pin and pot on the flag behind the plane are because we saw Julia Child’s kitchen in the American History museum.

This is one of my Mom’s cards, the year that they took a Baltic Cruise and drove across the US for a wedding.  The garland is a list of the cities that they visited in Europe and the balls are the states that they drove through.  The car is for The Cub, the doll for his cousin, and the little box for the second cousin who was about 3 months from being born.

More to come soon.


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  1. Very cool, Lisa. I love the way you worked favorite things or highlights from trips into each drawing – like the garland of city names. Also got a kick out of the DC card (nice dinosaur!). Thanks for sharing. -jeanne


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